Judaism, Christianity and Islam

To question the fundamental believes of the three major Monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam; seeking to sincretize them into a new way of life for the world to come. After the Cosmic/Lunar event that will change humanity for ever.

Redefining the teachings of Moses, Paul and Mohammad as secondary referential material: proclaiming the primacy of Isha, (as revealed in the four dimensional image presented in the original gospels), as the Lord and master of creation, for the glory of Alahah our Spiritual Father, from where our spirits came and to whom we all aspire to return.

Not seeking followers, neither disciples. Just hear, read and remember; when the lunar event occurs, conventional science and traditional religion, the three of them, will have no answers. But if you remember you will. Stand firm on this: Isha will return to complete his ministry.

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