Alahah our origin and destiny

The Spirit in each and every one of us comes from, emanating from, Alahah himself, thus he is our Spiritual Father. At death the Spirit leaves the body, the body decomposes, dust returns to dust, and the Spirit returns to God:

To rest and renew itself in God, till the day of resurrection, when it will awaken into a physical body once again, not as it was but as it will be: the amalgamation of a thousand lives, into a perfect Son of God. For the number of the resurrected ones is finite, and from many individual incarnations, as they ascend into God, they will blend into one Son of God that one day will awaken from his rest.

What will remain of each individual life it will depend on what we did. The memories of each individual life will linger there, not from the point of view of each individual, finite existence, but from the point of view of our eternal destiny as Sons of God, perfected by Him, a blessing into all creation. Amin.

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