Mensaje a CYC, Candidata a Gobernadora de Puerto Rico en el 2020

Para ganar la gobernación Carmen Yulin Cruz, CYC, necesita convencer a los Estadistas, Progresistas, partidarios del Partido Nuevo Progresista, PNPs, de que antes de completar su primer año como Gobernadora realizará un plebiscito de Estadidad SÍ ó No, y que si gana la estadidad con mas del 50 por ciento de los votos, ella personal… Continue reading Mensaje a CYC, Candidata a Gobernadora de Puerto Rico en el 2020

To built the Wall at the US/Mexico Border… is a moral imperative

To built the Wall at the Border between The United States and Mexico, approve a New Immigration Law in the United States and negotiate a new Migration treaty between the United States and Mexico is a moral imperative. Not to do so is immoral. Not to do so is sin. The present, de facto, reality… Continue reading To built the Wall at the US/Mexico Border… is a moral imperative

Judaism, Christianity and Islam

To question the fundamental believes of the three major Monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam; seeking to sincretize them into a new way of life for the world to come. After the Cosmic/Lunar event that will change humanity for ever. Redefining the teachings of Moses, Paul and Mohammad as secondary referential material: proclaiming the primacy… Continue reading Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Alahah our origin and destiny

The Spirit in each and every one of us comes from, emanating from, Alahah himself, thus he is our Spiritual Father. At death the Spirit leaves the body, the body decomposes, dust returns to dust, and the Spirit returns to God: To rest and renew itself in God, till the day of resurrection, when it… Continue reading Alahah our origin and destiny

Elah, Alahah, Alah

Elah is in Hebrew, Alahah in the original Aramaic, Alah in Arabic. And yet in each language the term God is  understood in a different way. In Aramaic God is our loving Heavenly Father, Abun D'Bismayah,  calling us to return to Him. In Hebrew God is the one Highest God. In Arabic He is the… Continue reading Elah, Alahah, Alah

Mi agenda

Isha MarYAH Alahi. Jesus, mi Señor y mi Dios; El anciano sentado en el trono; aquel a quien mataron, fue al Sheol, pero regreso a su cuerpo antes de que el mismo viese corrupción; y en ese mismo cuerpo ascendio a los cielos y esta sentado en el trono, esperando que cumplamos la profecía y… Continue reading Mi agenda

Reincarnation, Inspiration and Channeling

As an individual you do not reincarnate, but the divine purpose that incarnated in you, have incarnated many times before, and will continue to do so till its final fruit is perfected before Alahah. As this process approaches perfection, your awareness of the past and the future grows in you. No. You were not here… Continue reading Reincarnation, Inspiration and Channeling

Puerto Rico is not a mere territory…

Puerto Rico is not a mere territory own by the United States and populated by (2nd class) American Citizens but  another country, another nation, with our own history, national heroes, and sense of mythical origin and  transcendental destiny.  To make Puerto Rico a State of the United States would be the worst mistake the Union… Continue reading Puerto Rico is not a mere territory…